The New Bugaboo Bee3

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The Bugaboo Bee, one of the world’s most popular urban strollers has been renewed and improved, making the brand new Bugaboo Bee3 the perfect partner for all your urban adventures. From September 1st 2014, on purchasing the Bugaboo Bee3 you will receive the perfect combination of the old and the new. With the continuation of feature favourites such as compactness, functionality and simplicity, the Bugaboo Bee3 now includes long-awaited additional features such as a easy-to-carry carrycot, new colour options, a larger underseat basket and much, much more.

The Bugaboo Bee3 stroller is suitable from birth, and will take you all the way to 3 and a half years old. The stroller is as compact as it has always been with its 3 dimensional fold which enables you to collapse and store anywhere, at any time. The Bee3 has a three-position recline, which allows your child, whether they may be an infant or a toddler, to lie flat, recline when relaxed or to sit upright, either facing you or the world. Another important feature of the Bee3 is the way in which it will adapt to your child, with its height adjustable backrest and extendable seat. The handlebar on the Bee3 is height adjustable, and each of the four wheels on the Bugaboo Bee3 have an independent suspension system , so that you can feel comfortable all day, everyday.

Bugaboo Bee3- What's new...


The new Bee3 Carrycot1. The New Carrycot
The Bugaboo Bee3 now has the additional, optional, feature of a soft and lightweight carrycot which offers your newborn even more protection for the early months. In being easy-to-move, this new carrycot feature enables your baby to sleep for even longer than before.


2. The New Style
You are no longer restricted in colour choices as you would have been previously with older Bugaboo Bee models. With the introduction of a choice of 2 chassis colours, 4 seat unit colours, and 8 canopy colours, there are now a total of 64 colour combinations to choose from with the Bugaboo Bee3, all of which are completely removeable and washable at 30 degrees.


Bee3 Colour3. The New Hood

The Bugaboo Bee3 is the latest in the Bugaboo range to adopt the three-piece, UPF50+ protected, extendable sun canopy, which can be adjusted so that you can choose the right amount of coverage for your child.


4. The New Basket

We all know how important storage is. Whether it may be in your home or when you’re about. Not only is the Bugaboo Bee3 compact in your home, but now the stroller has an additionally larger underseat basket which will allow you to not only store all of your essentials while you’re out and about, but will also enable you to access these essentials quicker and easier than ever before.


5. The New Harness

The last thing anyone wants from a harness is difficulty. Bugaboo have therefore developed and improved the Bugaboo Bee3 harness so that it is easier than ever to both adjust the straps to fit your child correctly, and also make it easier to use your stroller on a daily basis.


Bugaboo Bee3- What's improved...


The Bugaboo Bee3 isn’t just about new features, but also the way in which Bugaboo have improved what has made the previous Bee models so popular. This is to say that the Bugaboo Bee3 has a smoother ride than ever before, and also that the chassis is the strongest yet. Furthermore, the inclusive Bugaboo Bee3 rain cover is now easier and longer than previously, so it should both cover your child and your footmuff for longer.

If you are already a Bugaboo Bee owner, don’t worry, Bugaboo haven’t forgotten you and have made the extendable canopy and optional carrycot available to the existing models also.

Although it's not available until September 1st, we're already taking pre-orders for the Bugaboo Bee3, so pop into your nearest store, give us a call or send us an e-mail for more information and don't Bee left behind!