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  • CONCORD - Children’s products that make life easier

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    Children’s products that make life easier.

    For more than 30 years, CONCORD’s goal has been to support adults and children as they go about their everyday lives. Their core competency lies in the development and manufacture of high-quality children’s car seats which incorporate state-of-the-art safety technology. Since 2006, they have gradually expanded their product range. With three product areas Driving, Moving and Living, CONCORD not only offer parents  children’s car seats, but also buggies, travel systems and children’s furniture.

    CONCORD apply their experience in the field of children’s car seats to the development of new products. With specialist know-how and a huge enthusiasm for innovation, CONCORD employees come up with excellent and surprising solutions time and again. Their company values of simplicity, personality, quality and service are evident in everything they do.

    CONCORD ensure that their products suit the changing needs and requirements of their customers. CONCORD products are designed to relieve parents of some of the burden of their everyday tasks. Their high level of design quality means that CONCORD customers not only want to use their products, but also enjoy using them.

  • Bugaboo Introduces the High Performance Footmuff

    To stay warm and dry on those chilly and rainy days, Bugaboo introduces the Bugaboo High Performance Footmuff. It has two detachable covers so the consumer can be ready for each season.The footmuff is water- and stain-repellant thanks to its durable Teflon® coating and the 2x2-way waterproof zippers.

    what it does
    - Weather- resistant thanks to high- performance materials
    - Adapts to the different seasons with its 2 detachable covers
    - Protects from dirty feet with dirt shield inside
    - Easy attachment with the new velcro slit openings

    product specs
    - shell fabric with Teflon® finish
    - the shell fabric is water- and stain-repellant, windproof and breathable
    - winter cover with duckdown filling (60/40) for extra warmth
    - spring/fall cover with polyester padding for comfortable warmth
    - bamboo charcoal fleece provides temperature regulation and moisture management
    - 2x2 way waterproof zippers to protect from rain, wind and cold.
    - adjustable cords for protection around the head
    - pushbuttons for ventilation/protection
    - dirt shield inside to protect stroller from dirty feet
    - can be used as footmuff or seatliner in many different options
    - machine washable at 30ºC

    Available in RedAvailable in Arctic GreyAvailable in Black

  • Orbit Baby G2 Pushchair - Experience the World in 360º

    The Orbit Stroller system will be available in the UK from September 2012. Be one of the first to see Orbit baby in the flesh at an exclusive preview at Peppermint.

    The Orbit Baby pushchair is the first in the world that allows your child to go from facing  you, to facing the world, in one effortless motion. Our revolutionary G2 pushchair seat features 3DRotation™, giving you the only pushchair that can both rotate your child 360°, and recline your child, in one smooth motion - all while your child stays comfortably seated.

    Traveling with a family can feel like a challenge from all directions – with the G2, Orbit Baby has you covered. Sun in your baby’s eyes? Orbit your baby to keep them shaded. At a restaurant? Turn your baby to face the table, while keeping the chassis out of the way. Want to keep baby napping? Ergonomically transfer your carrycot from the rocker to the pram chassis - undocking and docking from nearly any angle – so you can head out the door.

    The circular SmartHubTM ring used on the G2 chassis and rocker enables Orbit Baby’s 360-degree adaptability. The patented SmartHub is at the heart of our modular approach to baby gear, designed to truly adapt to every situation. From a newborn infant to a toddler, from a walk in the park to a trek through the airport, the Orbit Baby G2 pushchair system flexes to fit your family’s life.

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