Quinny Zapp Xtra, now a Quinny Zapp which is suitable from birth

Dorel have just announced the launch of the Quinny Zapp Xtra, the new Quinny Zapp Xtra features the same light weight chassis but now has the addition on a seat unit which will recline and is suitable from birth.  The new Quinny Zapp Xtra's seat unit will also face the parent for those all important first few months.  The Zapp Xtra will be supplied with car seat adapters for all Maxi cosi infant carriers, a hood and rain cover and the now optional Zapp basket.  The Quinny Zapp Xtra is now available on our website, click here to pre-order

As soon as we have some images they will be posted.

32 thoughts on “Quinny Zapp Xtra, now a Quinny Zapp which is suitable from birth”

  • Laura

    I really want one of these for my baby due in Dec. I am looking forward to seeing it!

    • Daniel

      the New Quinny Zapp will be in our stores soon, you could come down and have a look if your in the London area. We will have some images of the new Quinny Zapp Xtra online soon.

  • Aline

    I AM SO GLAD !!!!! It's a very very, very, great news ! but I live in france !! I hope that I shall find it on a Website which will accept the dispatch in France!

  • Alex

    Its £225..hope it comes in more colours than just black and red at the mo!!!

  • kirsty

    Hi, I have just been reading about the quinny zapp xtra and read that if you have the existing zapp you can buy the seat to upgrade it, was just wondering if this is true and if so will you be stocking it? and how much will it cost?

    • Daniel

      Hi Kirsty, I have just spoken to Quinny about the Zapp Xtra, they will be selling the seat unit as a part which will fit on your current Quinny Zapp. Quinny were unable to give me the price of this as it is yet to be released but keep an eye on our blog and i will post it here. If you have any other questions about the Quinny Zapp Xtra let me know.


  • kirsty

    Brilliant, thankyou


  • Pramaholic

    hi there, i was wondering if u could get the handle height of the zapp xtra for me please.

  • Bryony

    just found the seat attachment separate here for 89.99.

  • Bryony

    that posted before I was ready!! lol. Will you price match that?

  • DailyDaisy

    Hi, any news on delivery dates for these yet?

  • Saffy


    Can I just find out if the zapp xtra is as compact and travel lite as the zapp? And does it have a travel bag as well?

  • hayjay

    hi, will the new zapp fold down with the seat unit in the parent facing position ? i'm having a nightmare trying to find a pushchair that will go down in this position.

  • Jenny

    i really want this buggy but am wondering if or when it will be available in the mainstream shops like mothercare etc?

  • Clare

    Could you tell me the handle height please?

  • Cristina

    Do you know if the Dreami or the Quinny Car cot can also attach to the new Zapp? I have a Buzz 4 whith the Car cot and would love to use the Zapp for travel if it would fit.

    Thanks :)

  • Tatiana

    I like the design a lot. The only obvious drawback - is having 2 pieces when you fold this buggy. So, how would you go on a plane, for example, having 2 pieces? A good travel bag that can hold the seat with the chassis would probably help here.

  • Kaj

    Hi all, i bought this pushchair a few days ago from Kiddicare in Peterborough. Loved it as soon as we saw it and really handy that it reclines and it's really compact when folded to put in your car boot and taking it abroad! Only comes in 2 colours at the moment red and and rocking black. I bought it in black :-)

  • michelle

    Was just wondering does the rain cover for the zapp fit the zapp xtra?

  • Erry

    Hello Daniel,

    I'm interested to buy Quinny Zapp Xtra from your store. How much the shipment cost to Holland? Because here its not release yet. I saw the shipment only available to Belgium. Thanks to add shipment destination to Netherlands.

  • Misses Brad

    I've just bought this pram from Toysrus in Leeds, I went for the Rebel Red it took me a while, I love it, had a push around in the shop and it was so light and quick, I haven't set up my pram but can't wait to set it up, Its looks really good and the red is so bright i just love it!

  • Shani

    I cant wait for the zapp xtra to be introduced in the usa!

  • G Thatcher

    Having had the Quinny Zapp Xtra for around three months and after putting it through its paces almost daily over that time I would say its holding its own very well. Although it is able to accommodate children from birth to 15kg I have primarily used it for my 14 month old and have found him to be comfortable with adequate space, having said that it is still extremely compact and fits into our small car boot very well.

  • Sriches

    We have a Rebel Red Quinny Zapp and it is fantastic!
    Here are my thoughts....

    What more could you possibly ask for? A lightweight stroller than is able to recline (has 3 seat positions) can be used rear facing and forward facing. Can also be used from birth with the Maxi Cosi Infant Carrier. We have really enjoyed using this pram. It is efficient, lightweight making it very easy for me to use when I am on my own and my daughter finds it very comfortable to use. I love the fact that the Quinny Zapp Xtra reclines as my daughter sleeps so well when out and about in this pram.
    The hood is an amazing feature which can be pulled over much more than normal hoods and I feel like I do not need an extra parasol at all.
    The pram comes in two parts (the chassis and the seat) which enables you to easily transfer your infant carrier from your car to the chassis. Very well thought out pram which includes all the best features of the Quinny Zapp and Quinny Buzz combined!

  • Hailey Thomson

    I finally have the Quinny Zapp Xtra! It is a great little buggy to nip around the shops and pop in the car. What sold me was the fact you can use it from birth. I really love the "lie flat" function, it looks like the babies are in a little egg, my babe loves to lie back and look at mom when out and about. Would recommend this buggy to anyone looking for a buggy to take into the city or a town, not great for bumpy roads or off-road situations!

  • emma bradley

    I have the quinny xtra and love it. It is really
    lightweight and compact. I love that it is rear and forward facing.
    It has done really well in this bad weather too. Only drawback is
    the shopping basket is quite small - but it just mens I have to buy
    less!! Which hubbie likes!

  • Sabina Green

    I have been using the Quinny Zapp Xtra for a little over 3
    months now for my newborn and think its a fab pushchair for him. I
    love that it can be used front and parent facing. It has two parent
    facing recline positions and 3 front facing recline positions. The
    hood is one of the best I have seen in a long time, it pulls far
    enough forward to shade or protect baby from the rain but if you
    need it there is a further section which pulls out protecting baby
    even more. Very light on steering and a smooth ride around shops
    and shopping centres. It sounds a little rattily on uneven surfaces
    but baby stays asleep so it can't be that bad. The handles do have
    a tendency to feel a little wobbly too. The basket is quite small
    and you can't hang a changing bag on the handles so storage is
    limited. However, the pushchair is great for folding up small and
    is a very easy to put up/down and for steering one handed. I would
    recommend this pushchair as a daily around town/holiday buggy but
    if you will be doing lots of rough terrain you might need something
    more robust.

  • Ellie

    The Zapp Xtra is really lightweight which is great when you have to get it in and out of the car a lot and to push it is very easy.

    It looks really good too and can be used both parent facing and outward facing which is perfect as your child gets older. Can be used from birth with the Maxi Cosi car seat or the seat unit included. Great for popping to the shops with as very easy to maneuvre (as long as you have both hands free).

    Pros: Lightweight and easy to push, looks really good and is suitable from birth.

    Cons: Two part system means you have to take apart to get in and out of car. Handle hight is quite low which is not great for taller parents. Not much storage space in the basket. Not very easy to steer with one hand.

  • Yan


    Can you deliver the quinny zapp xtra to Malaysia ?

  • dannielle

    Hi has anyone located a travel bag for the zapp extra yet???